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Straight Up Breakbeat releases modern jungle and forward thinking drum & bass, while selected titles in the SUBB1996 series re-imagine the mid-90s golden era with a fresh twist.

Launched in 1999 but completely reborn in 2019, the label's history goes hand in hand with the formative years of jungle and drum & bass scene in Finland, as documented in our NORTHSIDE project.

Originally established in 1996 as the first ever club night for the music in the capital of Helsinki, Straight Up Breakbeat events run well into the 2000’s and eventually morphed into a label with first releases by Breakwater Crew (Dharma, Dice aka Tes La Rok & Bluez), Muffler and others. 

Today, Fanu, Resound, Aeon Four, DJ Sofa, Esc & Mineral, Out Of Fuel, Infader, Hmr and more represent the Finnish sound, with an expanding group of friends from around the globe appearing regularly. 

Label founder Dizzy has inspired a generation of jungle / dnb producers with his shows running for two decades on nationwide RadioMafiaYleX and Basso, and internationally with podcasts & streams.

The sister label Mystery City focuses on deep rolling drum & bass and other bass driven music styles, while friends at Flatliners churn out breakbeat house, rave, jungle tekno and anything in between on vinyl.

Contact: straightupbreakbeat at gmail . com

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