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The birth of Straight Up Breakbeat goes hand in hand with the formative years of jungle and drum & bass scene in Finland.


Established in 1996 as the first drum & bass club in the capital of Helsinki, Straight Up Breakbeat run well into the 2000’s and eventually morphed into a label with first releases by Dharma, Dice (aka Tes La Rok) & Bluez, Muffler and others.

Read more on the early years of jungle / drum&bass scene in Finland in the Northside Story.

Reborn in 2019, Straight Up Breakbeat releases focus on modern jungle and forward thinking drum & bass, while selected titles under SUBB1996 banner re-imagine the mid-90s golden era.


Sister label Mystery City operates with upfront drum&bass and other bass driven music styles.


Label founder ODJ Dizzy has inspired a generation of jungle / dnb producers with his shows running for 25 years on nationwide RadioMafiaYleX and Basso, and now also on podcasts

& streams.

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